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The concept of work "in progress" does not indicate here the idea of projects that have not been carried out, but more specifically, the projects which are in the process of definition. Indeed, often in contemporary art some works are not realized; instead it is the project itself which becomes the work of art. Sometimes these projects, in the manner of a written but never played score, are only realized/performed many years later, often by other artists others than who "composed" them.

This comparison with the musical composition is particularly relevant because it is possible to distinguish, among the set of works present on this website, those which constitute finished "compositions" — that maybe have never been performed or not often performed, or only partially performed — from compositions in process of being created.

The works "in progress" shown here all belong to this latter category. These works involve several partners and contributors, and they will only acquire their "stable form" after negotiation with these partners and contributors, and the study of the different elements that will compose them is not yet definitively established.