British channel

"British Chanel"

Exhibition's venues:
2017, “Festival High Fidelity”, London, UK.
2018, Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria.

Media: video installation.

Date: 2017

This video uderscores the impossibility for any viewer to follow the proliferation of information while playing with the specific characteristics of this medium. Here we find the different "television news" that the BBC of London transmits throughout the day, but here they are presented  simultaneously. The latest "news" does not replace the previous news, as usually happens on the news channels, but they accumulate on the same screen, without any of them having priority over the others. So, at the beginning we have only one normal video, after one hours two videos superimposed, then three, etc.

The video thus seems to illustrate how this excess of information makes comprehension impossible, but also, it creates two contradictory sensations that are finally very close: on the one hand the emptiness, on the other one the stressful weight of the accumulation, in which no distinction is possible.