Noise of water

"The noise of water"

Price of the X Muestra Monográfica de Media Art: Ecología desde el arte digital. Universidad de Caldas, Colombia and Fundación Telefónica, Venezuela, 2014.

Exhibition's venues:
2014, “XIII International Image Festival”. University of Caldas, Manizales, Colombie.
2015, “Ecología desde el arte digital”, Fundación Telefonica, Centre Cultural B.O.D. Caracas, Venezuela.
2016, “Festival High Fidelity 2016”, London, UK.
2019, “ArtPro”, International Video Art Festival 2019, National Art Gallery, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

installation using water, Morse codes, two sinks, a text projection.

Date: 2014 - 2017.

This research forms a link between quotidian life and one of the major problems of our time, access to water. We can see two washbasins, placed side by side, at the bottom of each a few centimetres of water. We hear water dripping from a pipe, coming directly from the wall above each washbasin. The drops flow at different rhythms, and sometimes one or the other pipe is quiet. Each pipe produces two types of sound: a long or a short sound, depending on the size of the drops that fall on the bottom of each sink.

On the wall, behind the washbasins, are projected signs in Morse alphabet for the code produced by the sound of dripping water. Each group of lines corresponds to one of the pipes above a washbasin. Below each text in Morse, we have its translation in alphabetical characters that scrolls at the same rate. Each washbasin tells us a different topic. One narrates texts on water from universal literature (Shakespeare's Storm, Ulysses and the sirens, Noah and the deluge, etc.), while the second transmits news linked to actual problems with water (floods, water price increase, shipwrecks, etc.).