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PhD in "Arts and Art Sciences" from the Panthéon-Sorbonne University of Paris, France, my work includes visual as well as theoretical research about the relations between art and society. Indeed, despite the almost obligatory presence in contemporary art of social, political and militant interventions, art seems more than ever to be just a simple entertainment for wealthy classes, to whom it offers the status of having both a good conscience and that of belonging to the elite.

For its part, the traditional vision of art, which originated in Romanticism and still defended by a very large majority of artists, only asks the public for a contemplative enjoyment in which the work refers only to its author, his/her qualities, his/her talent, the depth or purity of his/her feelings and ideals.

Thus it appears that the essential questions in art today are: who does it, for whom and for what purpose. Of course, what is said in the work of art, and how it is said, remain fundamental problems, but asking who says it, to whom and in what context, allows art to emerge from the duality between the individuality of the artist on the one hand and, on the other, the cultural industries that produce entertainment for the masses and elites.

Through writings and publications, collective creations or individual installations including video, water, plants, QR codes, etc., my work attempts to investigate other social possibilities of visual art works that take a critical stance towards art, artists and institutions, and thus stand against the "victimizing" and passive vision of the actors of contemporary creation.

The works presented here are only a selection, and like any selection it gives only a partial overview of my work. In the same way, while the headings under which they are grouped provide one possible way to organize them and to give them a meaning, clearly other works and other groupings are possible.